• F-R UNIT 3/8'' MD
Combined filter and regulator. To obtain a constant working pressure when operating pneumatic equipment and filtering compressed air. Removes water to 96% and particles to 25 micron to prevent corrosion and downtime on tools and other pneumatic components. Plastic container and metal guard. Installed before a mist lubricator if installed. Plastic container and metal guard. Recommended flow stated for ?p 0.3 bar with 5 bar feed pressure. Supplied with pressure gauge.

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F-R UNIT 3/8'' MD

  • Výrobce: Luna
  • Model: 204520308 - Filter regulator Luna AFR
  • Kód výrobku: 204520308
  • Dostupnost: Obvykle skladem (5-7 dní)
  • 1 124 Kč

  • Cena bez DPH: 929 Kč